Take control of your life. Manage your pain naturally & holistically.

After graduating from our 10-week program, we believe you’ll experience increased quality of life and have the skills necessary to manage your pain experience.
Our knowledgeable and caring staff will give you the tools to continually manage your pain physically, emotionally, and nutritionally.

physical health

Physical treatment is only the beginning.

Treating your physical pain obviously matters to you. But we know that if we only address your physical health, the results, while initially positive, are likely to be incomplete and short-lived. In our experience, it's equally important to address your emotional and nutritional health in tandem with your physical health for long-lasting results.

Emotional Health

Emotional health is just as significant.

Patients tell us all the time, “My physical pain is the most immediate, but my emotional pain is the most significant.” During our program, you’ll have the time, space, and guidance to address and treat the emotional roots of your pain.

Nutritional health

Nutritional health rounds out your pain management plan.

What you eat affects how you experience your pain. Our Registered Dietitian will give you the knowledge and tools to manage your pain by learning and adopting a healthy eating lifestyle.

Services to feed your needs

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Manage your responses to pain. Change your life.

We help our patients manage their experience of pain by treating their physical health, emotional health, and nutritional health. By improving these three areas, we give patients more tools to manage their pain in a healthy, sustainable way.
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Average improvement across all domains.
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(in 10 weeks)

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Motivated, active, and hopeful.

“Mid-Valley Pain Clinic changed my life for the better...I am motivated, hopeful, active, and grateful everyday.”

Kim, age 28
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about our team

Our Clinicians

We've brought together some of the best professionals from different industries to create a well-rounded and experienced team.

David C. Brillhart, PsyD

Director of Clinical Operations/Licensed Psychologist

David C. Brillhart, PsyD is a licensed psychologist specializing in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), with certifications in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Brainspotting (BSP) therapies. His success using ACT in conjunction with EMDR and BSP, has provided emotional and physical healing of chronic pain, trauma, and anger, with a wide range of individuals, couples, and groups in diverse clinical settings.

Dr. Brillhart has considerable forensic/correctional clinical experience using ACT with high-risk, special needs, and serious persistent mental illness offenders in maximum-security settings.  His research in this area was presented at several national and international conferences; he is also internationally recognized for his expertise and workshop training on ACT.  In 2017, Dr. Brillhart authored a book chapter on ACT in Individual Psychological Therapies in Forensic Settings (Davies & Nagi, Eds., 2017).  And most recently, his full-day training, Mad as Hell: Gaining Control of Life Over Anger with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) was filmed and is available for DVD-distribution through PESI (2018).

Working with difficult-to-treat forensic and correctional offenders, and non-forensic clients with chronic trauma, emotional, and physical pain, has afforded Dr. Brillhart the opportunity to hone his ACT, EMDR, and BSP therapeutic skills.  Dr. Brillhart earned his Masters and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology with Forensic Specialization from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Melissa Hedstrom

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Yoga Therapist

Melissa believes in lifestyle therapy. She advocates for the healing modalities of real food nutrition and mindful yoga.

Melissa supports each person individually with the care and guidance they deserve to activate their mind and body’s innate capacity to heal. She believes each of her patients has the power to change how they feel and to change their lives for the better.

Her goal is to have her patients take an active role in their health and healing.

Candice "Candi" Stoops

Licensed Massage Therapist

Candi’s passion to help people prompted her to become a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). Licensed in 2012, she started her professional journey with Mid-Valley Pain Clinic in 2014.  Candi’s specialties include Medical Massage and Myofascial release, with a mix of relaxation. To enhance her intuitive ability to work with the human body; she is also certified as a Fascial Stretch Therapist.

Candi’s goal is to help individuals with their chronic pain and teaching self-care techniques and skills that lead to active, fulfilling lives.

Vickie R. Padron


Vickie R. Padron, a Registered Dietitian, has a passion for helping others through food and nutrition. She has experience in culinary arts,  nutrition counseling, medical nutrition therapy, diabetes management, food allergies, metabolic disease, celiac disease, and heart disease. Vickie’s work with foods and the


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